Holyoke Housing Authority

General Information

The Holyoke Housing Authority (HHA) became an MTW agency in September of 2013. The agency presently manages 921 public housing units and 1,380 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) throughout the Holyoke community. HHA’s core MTW objectives include promoting HHA’s long‐term objectives to revitalize Holyoke’s public housing portfolio and surrounding neighborhoods including the City’s Arts and Innovation District, providing HHA residents with training and other supportive services so that they can obtain good‐paying jobs and/or become first‐time homebuyers, increasing the range and quality of housing choices for low‐income households, improving and streamlining administration of both the Public Housing and HCV programs, and leveraging and increasing the positive impact of limited federal funding.

More info at: http://www.holyokehousing.org/

MTW Status

FCRHA was selected as an MTW agency through a competition held in 2012 as part of HUD’s 2011 budget appropriation (Public Law 112-10, 125 Stat. 103) and its Standard MTW Agreement was executed on November 7, 2013. FCRHA’s MTW participation will run through its 2018 fiscal year.


MTW Activities and Information