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Moving to Work (MTW) Expansion – MTW Flexibilities for Smaller PHAs Cohort


In January 2021, HUD announced the 31 agencies that have been selected. A brief description of each agency can be found below under Applicant/Selectee Information. The MTW Flexibilities for Smaller PHAs Cohort of the MTW Expansion will evaluate the overall effects of MTW flexibility on a public housing agency (PHA) and the residents it serves. It will target PHAs with 1,000 or fewer aggregate units of public housing and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) units. Read more in the press release.

PIH Notice 2018-17 lays out the two-step application process by which PHAs will be selected for the first cohort of the MTW Expansion. In the first step, interested PHAs that meet the eligibility criteria in Section 4(B) of PIH Notice 2018-17 submitted a Letter of Interest package to HUD. On March 14, 2019 the Department extended the deadline to May 13, 2019 for PHAs to submit letters of interest. HUD then conducted an eligibility review of these interested PHAs. HUD then conducted regional lotteries to determine which of the eligible, interested PHAs would be invited to apply under this Notice, which would be placed on a waitlist, and which would not receive MTW designation under this Notice or continue to the next step of the application process.

In the second step, the lottery selectees were invited to submit a full MTW Plan and application requesting MTW designation by December 4, 2020. On January 7, 2021, HUD announced the 30 agencies that have been selected. These PHAs will officially be designated as MTW PHAs once their MTW ACC Amendments are executed by HUD.

If you should have a question regarding the MTW Flexibilities for Smaller PHAs Cohort of the MTW Expansion, please email: MTWcohort1@hud.gov.

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Last updated June 21, 2021