Housing Authority of Champaign County

General Information

The Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACC) joined the MTW demonstration in October of 2010. HACC serves the county of Champaign, Illinois, a largely rural county with an urban center defined by the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign. HACC has been providing affordable housing in central Illinois since 1939. The PHA is located approximately 135 miles south of Chicago, 124 miles west of Indianapolis, and 178 miles north of St. Louis. HACC plans to use its MTW authority to assure that the agency continues to meet its basic mission while transitioning towards its vision.

The agency's MTW goals are:

  • Operational Efficiency through Innovation - Streamlining business processes and implementation of advanced technological solutions that will result in operational cost efficiencies and enable reallocation of resources to local initiatives and strategies.
  • Self-Sufficiency - Providing alternate incentives designed to motivate families to actively seek financial independence and transition from dependency on housing subsidy. Carefully measure success of each incentive to identify and replicate the greatest motivators.
  • Expand Housing Opportunities through Repositioned Assets - Maximizing HACC's economic viability and sustainability through repositioning the current real estate portfolio and development of new affordable housing opportunities to meet the broad spectrum of low and moderate income residents of Champaign County.

HACC intends to use its MTW authority to enact the following initial activities to further its goals:

  • Local Investment Policies
  • Bi-Annual Re-certifications
  • Mandatory Local Family Self-Sufficiency Program
  • Employment Requirement
  • Minimum Rents by Bedroom Size
  • Tiered Flat Rents
  • Modified Definition of Elderly
  • Local Homeownership Program
  • Local Project Based Voucher Program

HACC is partnering with a local university to evaluate the effectiveness and impacts of its MTW initiatives.

HACC currently administers approximately 447 public housing units and 1,706 Housing Choice Voucher units.

More Info at: http://www.hacc.net/

MTW Status

HACC was selected as an MTW agency through a competition held in 2009 as a part of HUD's 2009 budget appropriation (Section 236, title II, division I) and signed the standard agreement on October 17, 2010. HACC's MTW participation will run through its 2018 fiscal year.


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