Cambridge Housing Authority

General Information

The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) has used MTW to modernize its public housing stock, serve more households, develop new affordable housing units, enact policy reforms that reduce costs and increase households' ability to earn and save, and implement energy efficient strategies.

CHA currently has approximately 2,000 public housing and administers a Section 8 program of 2,500 units. In addition, it operates a state-assisted public housing program of 785 units and a state leased-housing program of 340 units.

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MTW Status

CHA first became part of the MTW demonstration in 1999 as one of the original MTW agencies. CHA signed the MTW Standard Agreement in 2009, extending its participation in MTW until the end of its 2018 fiscal year.


 -   Amended and Restated MTW Agreement and Amendment #1 
 -   Original MTW Agreement
 -   Original MTW Agreement Amendment #1
 -   Original MTW Agreement Amendment #2
 -   Original MTW Agreement Amendment #3

MTW Activities and Information

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