Boulder Housing Partners

General Information

Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) joined the MTW demonstration in November of 2011. Its goals include preserving, transforming and revitalizing public housing and maximizing the ability of housing policy to disrupt the cycle of poverty with an intense and creative focus on children and their educational success.

BHP utilizes its MTW flexibility to truly become a strategic organization by using the flexibility to evaluate opportunities and challenges and respond accordingly. BHP will also conduct a rigorous, controlled study of its pilot rent policy, which was designed to encourage self-sufficiency, assure accurate reporting of income and ensure that customers are not rent-burdened. BHP currently administers approximately 1,300 Housing Choice Voucher units and 20 local, non-traditional units.

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MTW Status

BHP was selected as an MTW agency through a competition held in 2010 as a part of HUD's 2010 budget appropriation (Section 232, title II, division A) and its Standard MTW Agreement was executed on November 10, 2011, which ran through its Fiscal Year 2018. As a result of Congress passing the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, BHP’s MTW Agreement was modified and extended to the end of its Fiscal Year 2028.


Last updated April 12, 2024