Boulder Housing Partners

General Information

Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) joined the MTW demonstration in November of 2011. Its goals include transforming its public housing stock to a project-based voucher financing model in order to preserve and renovate properties, increasing the provision of supportive services to its residents, acquiring new affordable units, and providing supportive housing for chronically homeless households.  BHP will also conduct a rigorous, controlled study of its pilot rent policy, which was designed to encourage self-sufficiency, assure accurate reporting of income and ensure that customers are not rent-burdened. BHP currently administers 337 public housing units and 857 Housing Choice Vouchers.

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MTW Status

BHP was selected as an MTW agency through a competition held in 2010 as a part of HUD's 2010 budget appropriation (Section 232, title II, division A) and its Standard MTW Agreement was executed on November 10, 2011. BHP’s MTW participation will run through its 2018 fiscal year.


MTW Activities and Information