Atlanta Housing Authority

General Information

AHA refers to its MTW Plan as its CATALYST Implementation Plan. The primary goals under AHA's CATALYST Implementation Plan are:

  1. Developing quality living environments in mixed-income communities;
  2. Enhancing AHA's economic viability and sustainability; and
  3. Increasing self-sufficiency, financial independence and successful outcomes for families by leveraging AHA's human development and support services investments.

Currently AHA manages approximately 8,200 public housing units and 18,800 Housing Choice Voucher units.

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MTW Status

The Atlanta Housing Authority's (AHA)'s MTW program began July 1, 2003. AHA signed the Standard Agreement in 2008, extending its participation in MTW until the end of its 2018 fiscal year.


 -   Amended and Restated MTW Agreement and Amendment #1 
 -   Amendment #2
 -   Original MTW Agreement

MTW Activities and Information

 -   Annual MTW Plans and Reports
 -   Promising Practices Report


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