Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC)

General Information

AHFC is a self-supporting public corporation with offices in 16 communities statewide. It provides statewide financing for multi-family complexes, congregate facilities, and single-family homes, with special loans for first-time home buyers, low-to-moderate income borrowers, veterans, teachers, nurses, public safety officers, and those living in rural areas of the state. AHFC also provides energy and weatherization programs, low-income rental assistance in 17 communities, and special programs for the homeless.

Currently AHFC manages roughly 1,300 public housing units and 4,300 Housing Choice Voucher units.

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MTW Status

The 2008 Appropriations Act added the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) as a Moving to Work agency. AHFC signed its MTW agreement on June 24, 2008. Its MTW participation will run through June 30, 2018.