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Moving to Work Demonstration Program

Moving to Work (MTW) is a demonstration program for public housing authorities (PHAs) that provides them the opportunity to design and test innovative, locally designed strategies that use Federal dollars more efficiently, help residents find employment and become self-sufficient, and increase housing choices for low-income families. MTW allows PHAs exemptions from many existing public housing and voucher rules and provides funding flexibility with how they use their Federal funds. PHAs in the MTW demonstration have pioneered a number of innovative policy interventions that have been proven to be successful at the local level, and subsequently rolled out to the rest of the country’s PHAs. Currently, there are 39 MTW PHAs nationwide and HUD plans to expand the program to addition 100 PHAs by 2022.

What's New with MTW

HUD Publishes Federal Register Notice to Solicit Comment on Form-50058 MTW Expansion

August 20, 2019

On August 19, 2019, the Form-50058 MTW Expansion was published in the Federal Register for a 60-day comment period. The Form-50058 MTW Expansion will be used by MTW Expansion PHAs to submit Form-50058 data to HUD.  This new form is a derivative of the Form-50058 and Form-50058 MTW.  The form was developed so that HUD will be able to collect the information that will be needed to evaluate each of the MTW expansion PHAs and cohorts.  We welcome any comments that you may have, which must be submitted on the Federal Register webpage by October 18, 2019.

MTW Expansion – Cohorts

March 15, 2019

Eligible PHAs interested in joining the MTW Demonstration Program can find everything they need to know by going to a new webpage dedicated to the Expansion Cohorts.

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