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Public Housing Management and Occupancy Division

The Public Housing Management and Occupancy Division (PHMOD), part of the Office of Public Housing Programs (OPHP), leads the Department’s efforts in overall policy, planning and program development for all areas of public housing. Our office provides guidance, clarification, technical assistance and training on issues concerning the daily operations of the Public Housing program. 

 The responsibilities of PHMOD include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing income, occupancy and rent policies for the Public Housing program;
  • Developing management policies and initiatives for various Public Housing related topics such as smoke-free housing;
  • Reviewing and processing requests to waive public housing regulations;
  • Reviewing designated housing plans that serve both elderly and disabled populations;
  • Communicating with industry and key stakeholders about issues in the Public Housing program through guidebooks, notices, and fact sheets.

Do you have a question related to the Public Housing program? Send us an email at publichousingpolicyquestions@hud.gov