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Resources and Links


Mixed Finance
Mixed Finance Guidebook (To obtain a copy of this document call 800-955-2232)
Provides an overview of the mixed finance development method, describes various partnership opportunities, discusses how to procure and negotiate with developers, addresses key HUD policy and regulatory concerns, lays out HUD's approval process for mixed finance projects, and provides information on homeownership policies and procedures.

Hope VI Background
Glossary of HOPE VI Terms (Adobe PDF, 17 pages)
A list of terms which are helpful when preparing a grant.

Historical and Baseline Assessment of HOPE VI
Presents the findings from the first phase of a long-term evaluation of 15 HOPE VI sites. Divided into 3 volumes, the report synthesizes study findings and discusses their national implications, offers detailed case studies of the 15 sites, and presents study methodology and baseline data.

Community and Supportive Services
HOPE VI: Community Building Makes a Difference
Case study of how HOPE VI has transformed the lives of public housing residents in seven HOPE VI cities.

From Welfare to Work: Using HUD's Programs to Help Families in Transition
Details 25 programs designed to help public assistance clients comply with the TANF program requirement that they find work within two years of receiving assistance, with a five-year maximum lifetime limit on eligibility.

Welfare Reform Impacts on the Public Housing Program: A Preliminary Forecast
Examines the projected effects of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), which replaced AFDC, "ending welfare as we know it." This study, prepared by HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research, examines the implications of TANF for public housing authorities, whose residents contribute a portion of their incomes for rent.

Public Housing Management
Private Management of Public Housing: A Guidebook
Provides case studies and practical guidance on the various approaches to using private management public housing. NOTE: Click here for a very important Errata Sheet (Adobe PDF, 1 page) that corrects procurement information in the Guidebook.

Urban Design
Creating Communities of Opportunity: Principles for Inner City Neighborhood Design
A framework for the design of HOPE VI and other urban developments, written in collaboration with the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Guide to Deconstruction: An Overview of Deconstruction with a Focus on Community Development Opportunities
Using deconstruction, the selective dismantling or removal of materials from buildings before or instead of some elements of demolition, to create jobs for PHA residents, and benefits the environment as well.

Strategies for Providing Accessibility and Visitability for HOPE VI and Mixed Finance Homeownership
Written in collaboration with Urban Design Associates and the Disability Rights Action Coalition for Housing.


U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
Contains links to sites pertaining to government policies, regional policies and issues, and public buildings service.

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