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Mixed-Finance Public Housing


Mixed-Finance public housing allows HUD to mix public, private, and non-profit funds to develop and operate housing developments. New developments may be made up of a variety of housing types: rental, homeownership, private, subsidized, and public housing. These new communities are built for residents with a wide range of incomes, and are designed to fit into the surrounding community.

Mixed-Finance Rental

Mixed-Finance Guidance

Mixed-Finance Homeownership

Homeownership Guidance

PIH Notices

Other PIH Notices

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  • PIH Notice 2016-13:  Guidance on Property and Casualty Insurance Issues
  • PIH Notice 2018-23:  Public Housing Operating Subsidy Eligibility Calculations for Calendar Year (CY) 2019
  • PIH Notice 2016-20: 2 CFR 200.311(c)(1) Disposition Instructions for the Public Housing Agency (PHA) Retention of Certain Public Housing Real Property (that is no longer used or was never used for public housing dwelling purposes) Free from Public Housing Use Restrictions.
  • 2 CFR 200 - Particularly relevant part is 2 CFR 200.300 Subpart D
  • PIH Notice 2016-21:  Guidance on Automation of Capital Fund Program 5-Year Action Plans and Budgets in the Activity Planning Module of HUD’s Energy Performance and Information Center (EPIC)
  • PIH Notice 2016-22:  Environmental Review Requirements for Public Housing Agencies
  • PIH Notice 2016-23:  Requirements for PHAs removing all public housing units and guidance on either the termination of the ACC or the continuation of the public housing program
  • PIH Notice 2018-04:  Demolition and/or disposition of public housing property, eligibility for tenant-protection vouchers and associated requirements
  • PIH Notice 2011-69:  Prohibition on Exceeding Statutory Limitation of the Number of Public Housing units
  • PIH Notice 2011-61:  Guidance on requirement for PHAs to record current Declaration of Trusts against all public housing property
  • PIH Notice 2011-47:  Transactions between Public Housing Agencies and their Related Affiliates and Instrumentalities
  • PIH Notice 2011-45:  Parameters for Local, Non-Traditional Activities under the Moving to Work Demonstration Program.  Currently being updated.
  • PIH Notice 2011-38:  Public Housing Development Cost Limits
  • PIH Notice 2011-33:  Use of Work Preferences as a Public Housing Waiting List Management Tool
  • PIH Notice 2011-30:  PHA Mortgaged Projects:  Procedures for Section 30 Mortgage Transactions
  • PIH Notice 2010-28:  Extension of Notice PIH 2009-23 (HA) - Requirement for Designation of Public Housing Projects.  Original notice is PIH Notice 2005-2.  Also see FAQs
  • PIH Notice 2010-26:  Non-Discrimination and Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities—Contains discussion of the 5% and 2% requirements. 
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