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Revitalization Grants


Since the inception of the HOPE VI program, there have been a total of 262 revitalization grants awarded between FYs 1993-2010, totaling approximately $6.2 billion.

 -   All HOPE VI Revitalization Grants

General Guidance


HOPE VI Budget Workbook

 -   Revitalization Grant Reporting Requirements (Adobe PDF, 1 page)
 -   Form HUD-27054-A: LOCCS Access Authorization Security Form for HUD Staff (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Memorandum of Understanding of USDA on Urban Forestry (Adobe PDF, 4 pages)
 -   Revitalization Grant Closeout Instructions
 -   Form HUD-53001-A: All HOPE VI Cost Certificate (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Form HUD-52825-A: HOPE VI Budget (Adobe PDF, 3 pages)
 -   HOPE VI Budget Form  workbook (MS-Excel, 332 KB)

Field Office Monitoring Guidance

 -   Revitalization Grant Management And Monitoring (Adobe PDF, 28 pages)
 -   Attachment A.1 Risk Assessment Form Directions (Adobe PDF, 1 page)
 -   Attachment A.2 Risk Assessment Form (MS-Excel, 120 KB)
 -   Attachment B Sample Physical Inspection Form (MS-Word, 7 pages)
 -   Attachment C Sample Locked Checkpoint and Sample Cost Allocation Plan Findings (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Attachment D Sample Transmittal letter and monitoring report (Adobe PDF, 59 pages)
 -   Attachment E Sample Monitoring Review Report (Adobe PDF, 23 pages)
 -   Attachment F Sample Monitoring Review Report (Adobe PDF, 15 pages)
 -   Attachment G Sample Monitoring Review Report (Adobe PDF, 12 pages)

Relevant Regulations and Notices

 -   24 CFR Part 941 - Public Housing Development
 -   24 CFR Part 968 - Public Housing Modernization
 -   Affiliates notice, PIH-2009-24, requirements for transactions between PHAs and their related affilliates and instrumentalities
 -   Financing Transactions and 24 CFR Part 85 and 2 CFR Part 225

Funding History