FY 2014 Main Street Funding Information

Main Street Grants Notice of Funding Availability

The FY 2014-15 Main Street Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) was issued by HUD on July 4, 2014 and announced approximately $500,000 available for award. The deadline date for application submission was August 18, 2014. Congress funded Main Street for FY 2014. Per the FY 2014-15 NOFA, funds from this appropriation will be awarded to eligible applicants that apply in FY 2014 under the above NOFA. FY 2015 funds were not been appropriated for this program as of the publication of this NOFA. The award of FY 2015 Main Street funds to FY 2014 applicants is contingent upon future congressional action. HUD’s intent to award FY 2015 funds to FY 2014 applicants will be announced separately if such funds become available.

Only units of general local government, as defined in the NOFA, are eligible to apply. The primary eligibility requirements are that the applicant:

Be a local government (subdivision of a State or Territory);

Have a population of 50,000 or less within its jurisdiction; and

Have 100 or fewer physical public housing units within its jurisdiction.

In general, the grant funds can be used to reconfigure obsolete or surplus commercial space (or extremely substandard, vacant housing) into, or build new, Main Street affordable housing units. The grant funds cannot be used on general infrastructure or commercial development. The funds in the NOFA must be used to assist Units of Local Government that have existing Main Street area rejuvenation projects and have the population and public housing unit limits stated above. Main Street housing units must be affordable to the initial residents that occupy the Main Street housing project.

Note that the NOFA includes HUD's General Section NOFA by reference. The General Section includes application instructions and HUD-wide requirements. There are some very important requirements in the General Section that, if not addressed in an application, may cause the application to be rejected without being rated or ranked. If the Main Street NOFA and the General Section contain conflicting information, this Main Street NOFA prevails. The General Section can be downloaded from Grants.Gov during the application period. The General Section is part of the Grants.gov downloadable Application Instructions, which will be available on the Grants.Gov website.

Applications have to be submitted electronically to Grants.gov, and applicants have to register or renew their registration before the application deadline. Registration may take up to three weeks. Detailed registration instructions are included in HUD's General Section.

To see the most recent Main Street program portion and General Section portion of the NOFA, click on the links below. Regardless of the NOFA published through links on this website, the only official version of the NOFA was available on Grants.gov during the application period.

FY 2014-15 Main Street NOFA - Unofficial Version (NEW)

FY 2014 General Section

FY2014 HOPE VI Main Street Grant Applications

Received On-Time by August 18, 2014 Deadline
Ordered Alphabetically by Applicant 

Note: (a) This list does not reflect determinations on applicant eligibility or threshold compliance.



Applicant City

Applicant State


City of Bartlesville




City of Hawkinsville




Town of Kit Carson

Kit Carson



FY2014 Main Street Grant Award Information


The Town of Kit Carson, CO

Award Amount:


Awardee Address:

301 Main Street
Kit Carson, CO 80825