FY 2013 HOPE VI Funding Information

Main Street Grants Notice of Funding Availability

The FY 2013-2014 Main Street Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) was issued on May 22, 2013, and announced approximately $500,000 available for award. The deadline date for application submission is July 22, 2013.  Per the FY 2013-14 NOFA, funds will be awarded to eligible applicants that apply in FY 2013 under the above NOFA. FY 2014 funds have not been appropriated for this program as of the publication of this NOFA. The award of FY 2014 Main Street funds for FY 2013 applicants is contingent upon future congressional action. HUD’s intent to award FY 2014 funds to FY 2013 applicants will be announced separately if such funds become available.

Eligible applicants are limited to Units of General Local Government (primarily subdivisions of a State) that have a population of 50,000 or less and 100 or less physical public housing units within the Local Government's jurisdiction and that are otherwise in conformance with the threshold requirements of the NOFA.

The official version of the NOFA and its application forms are available on Grants.gov until the deadline date. The CFDA Number for this NOFA is 14.878.  In order to receive automatic email notice of NOFAs, subscribe to email notifications at Grants.gov.

To enable you to deconstruct, analyze, and cut/paste portions of the NOFA, an unofficial MS Word version of the NOFA, without its required attachments, is located at the below link.  This version of the NOFA includes MS Word Bookmarks to assist in navigation.  The only official version of this NOFA is published on Grants.gov.

FY 2013-14 Main Street NOFA - Unofficial Version (MS Word) (NEW)