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Demolition Grants


Using funds from FY 1996 through FY 2003, HUD awarded $395 million through 287 HOPE VI Demolition grants for the demolition of more than 57,000 severely distressed public housing units.

 -   All HOPE VI Demolition Grants
(Adobe PDF, 12 pages)

General Guidance

 -   Demolition Grant Management and Monitoring (Adobe PDF, 8 pages)
 -   Form HUD-27054-A: LOCCS Access Authorization Security Form for HUD Staff (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Demolition Grant Closeout Procedures (Adobe PDF, 4 pages)
 -   Form HUD-53001-A: Actual HOPE VI Cost Certificate (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Form HUD-52825-A: HOPE VI Budget (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Financial Status Report 


Demolition Grant Resources

 -   Special Application Center Demolition/Disposition page
 -   24 CFR Part 970 - Public Housing Program--Demolition or Disposition of Public Housing Projects
 -   24 CFR Part 971 - Assessment of the Reasonable Revitalization Potential of Certain Public Housing Required by Law (Section 202)

Funding Information (Including Grant Agreements)