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HUD Strong Families has continued to evolve since its inaugural year in 2011. Once known as Father’s Day, this initiative was dedicated to supporting fathers and providing opportunities for interaction with their children through fun, festive summer events hosted by PHAs (public housing agencies). More than a decade later, after learning what works and where improvements could be made, we have become the HUD Strong Families program integrating the Office of Public and Indian Housing's Supportive Service programs to deliver quality, impactful resources that will aid in the success of all HUD-assisted residents. This newly-focused year-round program offers resources in all areas of our three pillars - Health, Education and Economic Empowerment. Our new focus aims to expand our reach to all families living in HUD-assisted housing throughout the year. Webinars to date have focused on health, addressing the importance of getting vaccinated, mental health awareness, summer meals promotion, financial empowerment, free book distribution and more. We encourage you to continue to hold your events safely, per the guidelines of the CDC, and keep us informed on how your housing authority or multifamily property is working to strengthen families. We appreciate your continued commitment to ensuring HUD Strong Families’ success.

HUD Strong Families consists of the following three pillars:

  1. Health: Nutrition, Fitness & Prevention; Mental Health & Addiction; Social Determinants of Health (Environment, Violence, etc.)
  2. Education: FAFSA & Post-Secondary Enrollment; STEAM & Digital Inclusion; Reading & Book Distribution
  3. Economic Empowerment: Job Training; Financial Literacy; Supportive Services

Our Impact:

  • Approximately 1,000 annual events hosted by Public Housing Agencies and Multi-family property owners
  • Parents bond with their children while receiving impactful resources in a fun, festive atmosphere
  • Collaborations with Book Rich Environments promote literacy
  • STEM educational workshops impact hundreds of youth living in disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Community Health Workers and Home Visiting Nurses promote healthy homes and families

Strong Families Matter

Children reared in safe and nurturing families and neighborhoods, free from maltreatment and other adverse childhood experiences, are more likely to have better outcomes as adults.

Source: Maternal, Infant, and Child Health, Healthy People 2020