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2008 Community & Supportive Services Sustainability Conferences


In 2008, HUD's Office of Public Housing Investments (OPHI) held four regional CSS Sustainability conferences for its HOPE VI Revitalization grantees. The conferences took place in Raleigh, NC; Seattle, WA; St. Louis, MO; and Boston, MA.

The primary purpose of the sustainability conferences was to provide an opportunity for grantees to learn helpful strategies and share best practices/lessons learned on sustainability in HOPE VI revitalization efforts.

Each conference was designed in consultation with an advisory group composed of CSS staff from housing authorities within each of the four regions. While each conference reflected regional circumstances and presented a mix of grantees and experiences, all conferences provided attendees with information and tools to help make their CSS programs sustainable.

Conference Archives

Presentation materials are organized according to the conference in which they were presented or used as a reference. As a result, some materials can be found under only one conference. We recommend perusing each of the conference links to find information that may be of interest.

Raleigh, NCAgenda - Jan. 28 - 30th, 2008Conference Presentations
Seattle, WAAgenda - April 8 - 9th, 2008Conference Presentations
St. Louis, MOAgenda - May 28 - 29, 2008Conference Presentations
Boston, MAAgenda - July 23 - 24th, 2008Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

 -   Raleigh
 -   Atlanta HA ? Asset Management HUD Style
 -   Atlanta HA ? CSS Presentation
 -   Atlanta HA ? Raising Standards and Expectations
 -   Charlotte HA ? Asset Management and Resident Services
 -   HA of the City of Greenville, SC ? Economic Self-sufficiency
 -   Linking Hard Side and Soft Side by Dennis Mobley
 -   Seattle
 -   Beaumont HA- IDA Presentation
 -   Phoenix HA - Developing Partnerships
 -   Phoenix HA - Leadership Academy
 -   Portland HA - CSS
 -   Portland State University - Evaluation: A Tool for Community Sustainability
 -   Seattle HA - Community Building in Action
 -   Seattle - Multicultural Potluck
 -   Urban Strategies ? The Neighborhood and Its School in Community Revitalization: Tools for Developers of Mixed Income Housing Communities
 -   St. Louis
 -   Atlanta HA ? Asset Management HUD Style
 -   ASC ? Service Coordination
 -   Charlotte HA ? Asset Management and Resident Services
 -   Chicago HA ? Work Requirement
 -   Linking Hard-Side and Soft-Side by Dennis Mobley
 -   Indianapolis HA ? CSS Presentation
 -   Milwaukee HA ? Asset Building
 -   Milwaukee HA ? Information for CSS Sustainability
 -   Partnership with St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
 -   Urban Strategies ? Human & Social Capital
 -   Boston
 -   Intersection of Mixed-Finance and CSS
 -   Atlanta HA - Workforce Development
 -   Enterprise Community Partners ? Resident Services
 -   The Community Builders - Generating Economic Success Through Mixed Income Communities
 -   Philadelphia - Tapping into Resources
 -   HA of Pittsburgh - Changing Culture
 -   Group Living Wellness Program

Additional Information

If you would like more information about these conferences or if you would like to share a best practice related to CSS sustainability please contact Ms. Dina Lehmann-Kim.