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Tools Developed by Grantees
Choice Neighborhoods grantees frequently ask to see examples of documents created by other grantees. In response to these requests, many grantees have generously given permission to make these documents available online. The tools are organized by the following program areas: Housing, People, Neighborhood, Resident Engagement and Leadership, and Planning Grants. These documents are shared in the spirit of peer exchange, and are not intended as guidance or recommended as best practices.

Disclaimer: These documents have been provided by the organization that developed them. They are provided for informational purposes only. The documents have not been reviewed by HUD for applicability, legality, or compliance with federal statutory and regulatory guidelines. The posting of these documents is not intended as an endorsement of the documents by HUD. Please bear in mind that these documents were created by organizations based on their specific needs and objectives, and they may reflect local laws and policies.


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