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Capital Fund Recovery Act Performance Reports

Known issues affecting Capital Fund Recovery Act Performance Report

OCI has received reports of a number of issues with respect to the Capital Fund Recovery Act Performance report. Some PHAs have indicated that they either did not receive the email from CapFundRecovery@hud.gov at all or that when they received it, the spreadsheet was not attached. OCI believes that this may be due to either Internet Service Provider or local security software detecting the fact that the attached spreadsheet has macros and visual basic code. In order to work around this issue, OCI is posting all of the spreadsheets for all grants for all PHAs to this website so that PHAs can download the spreadsheet directly in the event that they did not receive the spreadsheet through email. Use the map or the list-box below to locate and download any missing spreadsheets.

We are also aware of an isolated issue with the spreadsheet. After filling out the projected obligations and expenditures on the first page of the report with "$0", saving the report and then reopening the report to further edit it, PHAs are reporting getting an error when they attempt to move from the first to the second page. PHAs can avoid this error by deleting all information in the two blanks requesting projected obligations and expenditures by 12/31/09 (one must delete both the "0" and the "$" to avoid the error). Once one deletes all of the information in the two blanks, it is possible to move to the remaining pages. If OCI receives a spreadsheet with no values in the two blanks, it will assume that the projected obligation and expenditure for 12/31/09 is $0.

To view the reports, select appropriate state from the list-box, or use the map below.

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