The 2023 Emergency Safety and Security Grant Program Awards

ACC Amendment Tool

  • 2023 Emergency Safety and Security Grants ACC Amendments (MS Excel) Once you open the file, please follow the instructions below:
    *NOTE: This file may open in a Protected View. In this case, you will see a banner at the top of the page with a button to click to "Enable Editing" and you will need to select "Enable Editing" in order to retrieve your ACC.

Instructions for Using ACC Amendment Tool (MS Excel):

  1. ENTER PHA CODE:  Select the yellow highlighted cell containing the text "Type PHA Code Here."  Type your 5-digit PHA Code in the cell.  Click the Enter key.  Once you do so, the cell will no longer appear yellow and highlighted.

Once you have entered your PHA Code, information will automatically appear for the following:

  • Formal PHA Name
  • Grant Amount
  • Grant Number

Review the entire form, including the information displayed for PHA Code, Formal PHA Name, Grant Amount, and Grant Number. 

  1. CHECK BOX: Answer Yes or No in paragraph 7. If marking Yes, the PHA must also upload a copy of the corrective action order.
  2. SIGNATURE BLOCK:  The PHA Executive Director or his/her designee must sign and date the ACC Amendment. Please also ensure to fill out the title line.  

Complete the Following Steps in EPIC:

  1. CREATE A NEW INITIAL PACKAGE: In the Document Management Center, click Create New. Select 2023 as the year for the Award to populate. Upload the executed ACC Amendment and relevant forms as outlined in the NOFO (Civil Rights, SF-LLL, the HUD-50077, and the HUD-50071).  Once HUD has approved your Package your Award will be contracted in LOCCS and you will see the funds on Budget Line Item (BLI) 0100.
  2. REVISE 5-YEAR ACTION PLAN: Add Work Activities that correspond to your approved grant application to the Five-Year Action Plan in EPIC that covers 2023. For Rolling Plans this is the Plan that begins with 2023. EPIC will create a Revision to your Five-Year Action Plan when you add a new work activity (click the Create New Work Activity Button).  *Note: You may only add Work Activities that correspond to your approved application, and you may only add activities under BLI 1480.
  3. SUBMIT YOUR PLAN TO HUD:  HUD will review your Plan to ensure consistency with your approved grant application and Program guidelines.
  4. CREATE NEW BUDGET: Once your Plan is approved and the Award is contracted in LOCCS you may create an Annual Statement/Budget for Submission in EPIC. You will create a new Budget that is based on the Revision to your Plan that contains the approved activities for the year 2023. *Note: EPIC will warn you that you are creating a second Budget for 2023, press OK to continue. Once you successfully submit a Budget in EPIC the Budget will be spread in LOCCS to BLI 1480.  



Last Updated 10/13/2023