The Energy Performance Information Center (EPIC)

Accessing EPIC

EPIC can be found at: Please add this to your Favorites in your web browser for easy future access.

Registration and User ID

EPIC uses HUD’s Secure System (WASS) to authenticate users. Once your WASS access has been established, please send an email to to request access to EPIC. If you need to get a Secure Systems log in ID (WASS user ID) go to the Secure Systems user registration page: Once you have a Secure Systems logon ID and password, please send an email to to request access to EPIC. In your email request, include your M number, City and State, your PHA code, your full name and your office telephone number. If you have forgotten your WASS password or if you are locked out and need to have your account unlocked, please contact the HITS National Help Desk at 1-888-297-8689. You may also use the password reset self-service utility at:

Activity Planning

Implementation Notice: PIH Notice 2016-21 modifies the submission process for Capital Fund Program (CFP) 5-Year Action Plans (5YAPs) and Budgets (formerly referred to as Annual Statements). Public housing agencies (PHAs) with fiscal year ends (FYEs) on or after March 31, 2017, are required to submit their CFP 5-Year Action Plans and Budgets within HUD’s Energy Performance and Information Center (EPIC) system; the electronic CFP submission process will replace the current paper submission process. This notice provides guidance related to the transition timeline, benefits of automation, submission process and requirements, and oversight and monitoring.

Core Activity Reporting

The Energy and Performance Information Center (EPIC) was originally designed to collect quarterly summary capital fund grant activity and energy efficiency measures (EEM) – planned and completed. 

  • Core Activity Reporting Frequency

In order to provide PHAs with some administrative relief, starting October 1, 2013, PHAs are only required to report on planned/completed Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMS) in the Energy and Performance Information Center (EPIC) system ANNUALLY. Under the revised system, PHAs would report at the end of their fiscal year rather than each quarter, as follows:

Calendar Year Quarter Federal Fiscal Year PHAS Required to Report Reporting Period
1 2 Fiscal year ending March 31 April 1 - May 15th
2 3 Fiscal year ending June 30 July 1 - August 15
3 4 Fiscal year ending September 30 October 1 - October 31
4 1 Fiscal year ending December 31 January 1 - February 15

*Reminder: EPIC reports are cumulative. For example, if a PHA installs 10 Energy Star refrigerators in the first quarter in which it is reporting on a grant, it would report that in the Q1 report – if it then installs 5 more Energy Star refrigerators in the next quarter, it is to report 15 in the next quarter’s report, not 5.



HUDPIH-516391410-198;   Last Updated 2/27/2020


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