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The Energy and Performance Information Center (EPIC)

What's New?

There have been significant enhancements in EPIC over the course of the last year, including new and improved functionality for the Activity Planning module.  Release 6.0 allows PHAs to submit their signed ACC Amendments in the new Document Management Center.

USER MANUALS: An updated Activity Planning User Manual can be found below. This Manual brings together previously published instructions and refreshes screen-shots. It provides step-by-step instructions on creating and submitting Five-Year Action Plans, Annual Statement/Budgets and Performance and Evaluation Reports. It also provides information on how to report on RAD transactions and additional Capital Fund Grants. The new Document Management Center Quick Reference Guide walks PHAs step-by-step through creating and submitting their CFP Submission in EPIC.

SYSTEM RELEASES: Release 6.0 is live as of September 2021. Release 5.0 allowed Field Offices and Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) to manage their own users. Release 6.0 allows PHAs to upload their Annual Capital Fund Submission, including signed Annual Contribution Contracts (ACCs) and other required documents. Additional guidance is forthcoming and will be posted below.


Capital Fund Program Activity Planning

HUD now requires Capital Fund Program (CFP) 5-Year Action Plans (5YAPs) and Budgets (formerly referred to as Annual Statements) to be submitted in EPIC. In order to obligate CFP Grants for Fiscal Year 2018 and later, PHAs must submit an Annual Budget in the Activity Planning Module. Please refer to PIH Notice 2016-21 for guidance related to the transition timeline, benefits of automation, submission process and requirements, and oversight and monitoring.

This version replaces all prior versions and will be updated regularly. Please continue to check this page for future updates and guidance.

Core Activity Reporting

The Energy and Performance Information Center (EPIC) was originally designed to collect quarterly summary capital fund grant activity and energy efficiency measures (EEM) – planned and completed. In order to provide PHAs with some administrative relief, starting October 1, 2013, PHAs are only required to report on planned/completed Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMS) in the Energy and Performance Information Center (EPIC) system ANNUALLY. Under the revised system, PHAs would report at the end of their fiscal year rather than each quarter, as follows:

Calendar Year Quarter Federal Fiscal Year PHAS Required to Report Reporting Period
1 2 Fiscal year ending March 31 April 1 - May 15th
2 3 Fiscal year ending June 30 July 1 - August 15
3 4 Fiscal year ending September 30 October 1 - November 15
4 1 Fiscal year ending December 31 January 1 - February 15

*Reminder: EPIC reports are cumulative. For example, if a PHA installs 10 Energy Star refrigerators in the first quarter in which it is reporting on a grant, it would report that in the Q1 report – if it then installs 5 more Energy Star refrigerators in the next quarter, it is to report 15 in the next quarter’s report, not 5.



HUDPIH-516391410-198;   Last Updated 10/14/2021


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Accessing EPIC

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Registration and User IDs for PHAs

EPIC uses HUD’s Secure Systems (WASS) to authenticate users, meaning you will use your WASS ID and password to login to EPIC.

WASS users must be separately registered in EPIC.

To be added, please send an email to your local HUD Field Office.

If your Field Office cannot help you please send an EPICHelp@hud.gov copying your local HUD Field Office Point of Contact (POC).

If you need a Secure Systems ID (WASS user ID/M Number) go to the Secure Systems user registration page.

*HUD users must gain access via a DIAMS request*

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