Capital Fund At Risk/Receivership/Substandard/Troubled Program

The Capital Fund At Risk/Receivership/Substandard/Troubled Program NOFO makes $26.5 million available for PHAs in receivership, designated troubled or substandard, or otherwise at risk with funding for costs associated with capital improvements at public housing asset management projects (AMPs). Applicants will be competitively scored based on how the funding will improve physical condition and management to provide residents access to safe and decent public housing, increase occupancy, and reduce long-term vacancies through capital improvements. Performance of both core areas will be measured by HUD using physical inspection scores and occupancy data at the designated AMP and through the strategies for implementing the capital improvements identified in the applicant’s narrative.  Applicants may submit one application with only one AMP, which may include multiple properties or scattered sites. Applications must be submitted by July 11, 2022.

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HUDPIH-516391410-338 Last Updated 06/17/2022