The 2018 Capital Fund Program Grant Awards are now available, along with the Letter to Executive Directors, Additional Processing Guidance.*

* For FY 2018, PHAs are not executing a Capital Fund ACC Amendment, so there is no Timeline for submission of  the Capital Fund ACC Amendment to the Field Office .  Here is a list of important dates relevant to the FY 2018 Capital Fund Grant Awards:

Obligation Start Date: 5/29/2018

Obligation End Date: 5/28/2020

Expenditure End Date: 5/28/2022

Lobbying Certifications and Disclosures:  HUD requires PHAs to submit lobbying certifications and disclosures to the offices from which they receive funds as a condition of the receipt of such funds.  PHAs that receive Capital Fund awards are required to submit SF- LLL, if applicable, to the respective field office annually by 8/15/2018