The 2016 Capital Fund Program ACC Amendments are now available below, along with the Letter to Executive Directors, a Timeline of Key Dates and Additional Processing Guidance.

ENTER PHA CODE: First, select the yellow highlighted cell containing the text "Type PHA Code Here." Type your 5 digit PHA Code in the cell. Click the Enter key. Once you do so, the cell will no longer appear yellow and highlighted.

SELECT GRANT NUMBER: Second, click on the yellow highlighted cell that reads "First Enter PHA Code Above, then Select Grant Number Here." Click on the drop down box next to the highlighted yellow cell, then select the grant number.

Once you have entered your PHA Code and selected a grant number, information will automatically appear for the following:

  • Formal PHA Name
  • Contract ACC Number
  • ACC Contract Date
  • Grant Amount

Review the entire form, including the information displayed for PHA Code, Grant Number, Formal PHA Name, Contract ACC Number, and ACC Contract Date.

Print 3 ACC Amendments for each grant.

Fill in the remaining information on the form and mark either "Yes" or "No" in paragraph 9.

Complete the signature portion at the bottom right. The PHA Executive Director or his/her designee must sign and date all three ACC Amendments.

Repeat steps 1-8 for any additional grant numbers.

Three ACC Amendments for each grant are to be mailed to the local HUD Field Office. See the 2016 Capital Fund Program Timeline for the submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please send an email to PIHOCI@hud.gov and include “2016 Capital Fund ACCs” and your PHA code in the subject line.