2006 Capital Fund Processing Information
 -   Capital Fund 2006 Completion of Funding Executive Director Letter
 -   Capital Fund 2006 Completion of Funding Processing Time Line
 -   Distribution of the $118 Million Capital Fund from the Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 Appropriation (MS-Excel) - This link will provide the amount of the additional funding a PHA will receive. The file contains the High Performer status as determined by REAC and a complete listing of grants awarded in July 2006. The information is sorted by PHA Code and then by grant numbers.
 -   PHAS High Performer Bonus and Distribution of 95% of Formula - Additional information regarding FY 2006 Capital Funding provided to date
 -   2006 PHA grant processing schedule - Schedule of deadlines for processing the 2006 Capital Fund grants
 -   PIH Notice 2006-22 [Attachment: TDC] - Public Housing Development Cost Limits
 -   PIH Notice 2006-18 (HA) - Fiscal Year 2006 Capital Fund Grants Processing Notice

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