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Capital Fund Reporting


This page provides additional information on reporting of Capital Fund expenditures under asset management. Under the new Financial Data Schedule (FDS) reporting model for asset management, PHAs will track Capital Fund expenditures at the AMP level. For each AMP, there will be an Operating Fund column and a Capital Fund column. This new FDS reporting will begin with PHAs with fiscal years ending June 30, 2008.

To support asset management, the Department also anticipates that it will (1) align the Budget Line Item (BLI) structure of the Capital Fund program to match the FDS and (2) streamline the Capital Fund budget process. However, these latter changes will take longer to effect.

Resources and Links
 -   PIH Notice 2007-9 Supplement to Financial Management Handbook Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Revised April 2007
 -   Case studies illustrating different aspects of the new FDS reporting of Capital Fund expenditures (under construction)
 -   A discussion of recommended changes in the Capital Fund program pursuant to the Administrative Reform Initiative see the ARI Report on the ARI page.