Housing Choice VoucherProgram Support Division (PSD)

PSD Systems

Voucher Management Systems (VMS)
A web-based application to facilitate the electronic submission of monthly program data that is used to assist the Department in the monitoring and management of Public Housing Agencies use of vouchers. The collected data helps HUD identify the agencies needs and to properly obligate the required funding.

Disaster Information System (DIS)
The Disaster Information System (DIS) is a web-based application designed to streamline the processing of relocated families whom lost their housing as a result of hurricanes or any type disaster. The application enables PHAs to verify family eligibility and to store and update information about the family composition and leases.

Inventory Management Systems (IMS)
PIH's Inventory Management System (IMS-PIC) is an Internet-based application that enables Housing Authority Users and HUD staff to access a common database via their web browser. It is responsible for maintaining and gathering data about all PIH's inventories of HA's Developments, Buildings', Units, HA Officials, HUD Offices, and Field Staff and IMS-PIC Users.

HUD Central Accounting Program System (HUDCAPS)
HUDCAPS is a Windows based integrated management system for Section 8 programs under the jurisdiction of the Office of Public and Indian Housing, combining both programmatic and financial data into one system.

Note: Some of these systems were developed over a decade ago and as such the technology that supports them is being assessed on its current effectiveness in satisfying the needs of the Housing Voucher Program. These systems are being evaluated for replacement or improvements as part of the Tenant Based Rental Assistance Revamping Project.