Housing Choice Voucher Program Support Division (PSD)

PSD History

In 2005, Congress added additional funding to PIH's appropriation to establish 75 additional positions to be used in support of the Housing Choice Voucher Program Section 8 Program. Several of these positions went into the development of a Program Support Division (PSD) that is responsible for providing management with the information necessary to make decisions.

The Program Support Division has assembled a group of technical experts that manage, report, and analyze the program data generated through the different transactional systems which support the HCV Program. These systems include: VMS, PIC, HUDCAPS, DIS, and various other REAC operational systems.

PSD has utilized the data and reports extracted from these systems to support businesses decisions and to recommend improvements and/or modifications to the Housing Choice Voucher Program in order to implement a more efficient operation and to provide cost saving measures.