Housing Choice Voucher Program - Tenant Obligations
Tenants and landlords have obligations under the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. When tenants select a housing unit, they are expected to comply with the lease and the program requirements, pay their share of rent on time, maintain the unit in good condition, and notify the PHA of any changes in income or family composition. Tenant’s specific obligations when qualifying for the voucher and to remain on the HCV program follow.   

Qualifying for HCV

Before the tenant contacts landlords regarding available units, the tenant must provide the PHA with a range of information to qualify for Housing Choice Voucher program:

  1. Evidence of U.S. citizenship or eligible immigration status.
  2. Family employment, income and composition, and immediate notification of changes in status if/when they occur.
  3. Social Security numbers for all family members and signed consent forms allowing PHA to obtain information about each family member, including conducting criminal background checks.
  4. Signature of receipt of the HUD Family Notification of Lead-Based Paint literature and a disclosure of lead-based paint testing and medical status for children under 6 years of age.

Participating in HCV

While participating in the HCV program, tenants and any household member or guest must do the following to remain in the program:

  1. Comply with the lease.
  2. Maintain unit in decent condition.
  3. Pay tenant share of rent.
  4. Allow the landlord and the PHA to inspect the unit at reasonable times and after reasonable notice.
  5. Notify the landlord and the PHA in writing before moving from the unit in accordance with the lease.
  6. Supply to the PHA any information that the PHA determines to be necessary. This includes evidence of citizenship and immigration status, information for use in annual or special certification of family composition, income and deductions. It includes notifying the PHA in writing when the family is absent from the unit for an extended period of time in accordance with PHA policy.

Additionally, the tenant may not remain on the HCV program if they:

  1. Engage in threatening, abusive, or violent behavior toward the landlord or PHA personnel.
  2. Participate in illegal drug or violent criminal activity.
  3. Commit fraud, bribery or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with the program.
  4. Damage the unit or premises (other than damage from ordinary wear and tear) or permit any guest to damage the unit or premises.
  5. Sublease or sublet the unit or assign or transfer the unit.

Violation of any of the above may result in termination from the Housing Choice Voucher program.

The regulations that cover tenant obligations are found in  24 CFR Part 982.  The regulations that cover lead-based paint poisoning prevention are found in 24 CFR Part 35.