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Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook


The purpose of this guidebook is to advise public housing agencies (PHAs) and other organizations providing services to PHAs, regarding the administration of the tenant-based subsidy programs. It includes an historical review of the tenant-based rental assistance programs, discusses program requirements in detail, and provides helpful administrative practices currently used by PHAs that operate the program.

The new Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook (7420.10g) is enroute to Public Housing Agencies and HUD field offices through the normal hud distribution process. Additional hard copies may be requested from the HUD distribution center by telephone (1-800-767-7468) or on-line at HUDclips. An electronic copy may also be downloaded from links below.

Guidebook - View Individual Chapters

Click on a chapter below to read individual sections online:
 -   Cover Letter (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Table of Contents (Adobe PDF, 13 pages)
 -   Chapter 1: Introduction to the Guidebook (Adobe PDF, 17 pages)
 -   Chapter 2: Expanding Housing Opportunities and Mobility (Adobe PDF, 14 pages)
 -   Chapter 3: Program Plans (Adobe PDF, 10 pages)
 -   Chapter 4: Waiting List and Tenant Selection (Adobe PDF, 28 pages)
 -   Chapter 5: Eligibility and Denial of Assistance (Adobe PDF, 54 pages)
 -   Chapter 6: Calculating Rent and HAP Payments (Adobe PDF, 11 pages)
 -   Chapter 7: Payment Standards (Adobe PDF, 11 pages)
 -   Chapter 8: Housing Search and Leasing (Adobe PDF, 25 pages)
 -   Chapter 9: Rent Reasonableness (Adobe PDF, 20 pages)
 -   Chapter 10: Housing Quality Standards (Adobe PDF, 50 pages)
 -   Chapter 11: Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts (Adobe PDF, 20 pages)
 -   Chapter 12: Reexaminations (Adobe PDF, 17 pages)
 -   Chapter 13: Portability (Adobe PDF, 13 pages)
 -   Chapter 14: Conversion of Certificates and Vouchers to Housing Choice Vouchers (Adobe PDF, 6 pages)
 -   Chapter 15: Terminations of Assistance and HAP Contracts (Adobe PDF, 11 pages)
 -   Chapter 16: Informal Reviews and Hearings (Adobe PDF, 6 pages)
 -   Chapter 17: Special Housing Types (Adobe PDF, 13 pages)
 -   Chapter 18: Allowances for Utilities and Other Services (Adobe PDF, 11 pages)
 -   Chapter 19: HUD Reporting Requirements (Adobe PDF, 14 pages)
 -   Chapter 20: Financial Management (Adobe PDF, 31 pages)
 -   Chapter 21: Program Staffing (Adobe PDF, 21 pages)
 -   Chapter 22: Program Integrity (Adobe PDF, 19 pages)
 -   Chapter 23: Family Self-Sufficiency (Adobe PDF, 21 pages)
 -   Chapter 24: Utilization (Adobe PDF, 17 pages)

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