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PHA Disaster Preparedness

Like first responders, the public housing agency (PHA) and its staff play an important role in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. PHAs can expedite disaster recovery by proactively assessing your risks, establishing partnerships with local emergency management agencies and community stakeholders, and planning to ensure the continuity of operations. It is increasingly important for PHAs to prepare for disasters – manmade and natural, often exacerbated by climate change – to protect their properties and the safety and well-being of residents.

In addition to the following information for PHAs, please reference the HUD Disaster Resources page for updates on the most recent disasters, information for related HUD programs, and assistance by state.

PHA Disaster Readiness, Response, and Recovery (D3R) Guidebook

The PHA D3R Guidebook (PDF) is the primary resource for PHAs to prepare for, respond to, and recovery from a disaster. The September 2022 updates clarify PHAs’ roles and responsibilities, emphasize communication and collaboration, and list funding resources and short- and long-term housing options for displaced families.

HUD recommends every PHA create a disaster readiness or continuity of operations plan. The guidebook and the PHA Disaster Readiness Plan Template will help you tailor plans specific to your PHA's risks, capacity, and resources. FEMA’s Continuity Resource Toolkit and the Creating and Implementing a Continuity of Operations Plan by HUD’s Housing Counseling Program also contain valuable information.

While comprehensive, the guidebook is not exhaustive. Please also review the resources below and contract you local field office for assistance.