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Submit Plan - PHA Plans

Temporary PHA Plan Submission Requirements

PHAs should submit the PHA Plan to their Public Housing Director and  PHA Plan Point of Contact in the local field office via e-mail(s). The e-mail(s) should specify which documents are attached.  Ideally, PHAs should zip the files to reduce the size of the PHA Plan attachment.  If a PHA is submitting multiple e-mails, though, it should specify that there are multiple e-mails in each e-mail submission. If the PHA Plan or any significant amendment includes information about HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), PHAs should copy the RAD inbox at RADPHAPlans@hud.gov. The field office will send a reply e-mail to the PHA notifying the PHA that they have received a complete submission. If documents are missing, the field office will notify the PHA of the missing information with a copy to RADPHAPlans@hud.gov.

How do you name the PHA Plan files?

The PHA Plan file (e.g. HUD-50075-5Y) should be saved as: your PHA code, the letter 'v' and the version number.  Attachment files should be named as: your PHA code, the letter 'a' for Attachment A, 'b' for attachment B, etc., and the version number of the PHA Plan that you would like to attach the file.  All file names should be in lower case.

Winzip Instructions if Plans are to be zipped.

  • Hold down the control key and select the file(s) you wish to zip.
  • Right click on the highlighted file.
  • Select Option 2 underneath Add to Zip file…
  • Once your file is compressed, it will display in the WinZip screen and show you exactly how much your file was compressed.
  • Select “OK”
  • The new ZIP file automatically appears in your current folder.
  • Right click on Zip file and select “Send to…”
  • Select “Mail Recipient”.
  • The Zip file will appear as an attachment in a new email.
  • Send file as indicated in the instructions.

When Are the Next Five-Year and Annual PHA Plans due?

  • The next 5-Year Plan or annual plan, as applicable, is due 75 days prior to the PHA's Fiscal Year Beginning (FYB).
  • The 5-Year PHA Plan cycle begins with PHAs with FYB date of 10/1. Thereafter, PHAs are to submit 5-Year plans once every 5 PHA fiscal years. However, if an amendment is submitted in the intervening years, the submission cycle does not change based on the date of the amendment.

Helpful Tools

To ensure that your PHA Plans is ready for submission, we've prepared the following documents:

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