ORO Contact Information

Office of Receivership Oversight
451 Seventh Street, Room 5150
Washington, D.C. 20410
Telephone number: (202) 708-1985
Fax number: (202) 708-2315

ORO Staff

Karen Newton Cole, Director of the Office of Receivership Oversight
Patricia Knight, Director of the Recovery and Prevention Corps
Arnold Peoples, Senior Advisor
Shelia Bethea, Program Liaison Specialist
Olandis Gary, Program Liaison Specialist
Ricky Cue, Program Analyst
Harry Hudson, Program Analyst

Recovery and Prevention Corps (RPC) Staff

Patricia Knight, Director, Recovery and Prevention Corps
Kevin Laviano, Acting Deputy Director
Sian Johnson, Program Support Assistant
Lawrence J. Wheeler, Senior Management Information Specialist (MIS)

Contracting Staff:
Joseph Gagyi, PHRS-Contract
Cheryl Minyard, PHRS-Contract Coordinator
Kathryn Winslow, PHRS-Contract Coordinator

Recovery and Prevention Team I:

Kevin Laviano, Acting Deputy Director
Vera Cheers, PHRS (Memphis TN)
Shirley Cochran, Financial Analyst (Memphis, TN)
Bettye Jones, PHRS (Memphis, TN)
Richard Koprowski, PHRS-FM (Cleveland, OH)
Frank Zingale, Financial Analyst
Mary Chamberlain, PHRS

Recovery and Prevention Team II:

Kevin Laviano, Acting Deputy Director
Ed Allard, PHRS-FM
Carolyn Cain, PHRS
Hyun Chong, PHRS-FM
Joy Coleman, Financial Analyst
Connie Hewston, PHRS
Henry Paschal, PHRS-FM
Grennetta Taylor, PHRS
Lakeetha Williams, PHRS
Joyce Fornal, Financial Analyst

Office of Field Operations
(The Office of Field Operations oversees all PHAs that are not under HUD receivership status.)
Telephone number: (202) 708-4016
Fax number: (202) 401-0992

Office of Public and Indian Housing
Telephone number: (202) 708-0950
Fax number: (202) 619-8478