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Native American Housing and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA)

The NAHASDA Act of 1996 is designed to provide Federal assistance for Indian tribes in a manner that recognizes the right of tribal self-governance. NAHASDA reorganizes the system of Federal housing assistance to Native Americans by eliminating several separate programs of assistance and replacing them with a single block grant program.




Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit, Requirements for Federal Awards 2 CFR 200

 - Environmental Regulations
 - IHBG Program Regulations 24 CFR 1000
 -   ICDBG Program Regulations24 CFR 1003
 -   Section 184 Program Regulations 24 CFR 1005
 -   NAHASDA Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant Regulations - 24 CFR 1006
 -   Native Hawaiian Loan Guarantee Regulations - 24 CFR 1007

PIH Notices

A list of PIH Notices specific to Indian housing from 1996 to the present:

 -   PIH Notices Related to Native American Programs

Program Guidance

A list of ONAP Program Guidance applicable to Indian programs from 1998 to the present:

 -   ONAP Program Guidance Applicable to Indian Programs