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Curious about how a Tribe/TDHE can utilize the Demonstration to develop rental housing for skilled workers in their community?

Under the Demonstration, Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing Entities may obtain a loan from a Section 184 approved Lender for the construction of rental housing for Skilled Workers. Tribes/TDHEs may utilize the Demonstration to construct one to four family dwelling unit(s).

The Section 184 program allows Tribes/TDHEs to obtain multiple Section 184 loans, subject to underwriting requirements, to construct Skilled Workers housing within their communities. As an incentive for Tribes/TDHEs to participate in the Demonstration, the Demonstration reduces the Section 184 Upfront Fee to $1 and eliminates the Annual Guarantee Fees.

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This National Best Practice webinar features the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community's (SITC) Tallawhalt II Housing Subdivision - this 17 unit subdivision was financed with individual Section 184 construction loans taken out by the Tribe. Infrastructure includes both Indian Health Service and Tribal funds. In addition, SITC used their Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to construct elder cottages and a multi-family unit. Watch Here
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Learn more about how the Confederated Tribes of Salish and Kootenai have developed a strong foundation for homeownership and how Section 184 financing is a tool for expanding homeownership in their community. Watch Here


What is the Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program?

The Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program is a loan product available to Tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs), and Tribal members. The loan can be used on or off reservation for purchase, rehab, refinance, or new construction. Section 184 is a tool for Tribes to bring more housing to tribal communities. Section 184 Loans are to be used for single-family housing (1-4 units), with a fixed-rate loan for 30 years or less. Section 184 cannot be used for commercial structures or with Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs). For Tribes interested in Commercial Financing see our Title VI Program.

10 Steps for Bringing Homeownership to Your Community

  1. Adopt necessary foreclosure and eviction procedures, priority of lien, and the one stop lease [Note: The one stop documents include all the required documents so you don’t have to start from scratch.]
  2. Develop budgeting and savings workshops, homebuyer education, and credit counseling sessions for first time buyers.
  3. Develop policies and procedures for down payment assistance programs.
  4. Make connections with your land department. Ensure that home lots are available and are suitable for water and sewer hook ups and accessible to utility lines.
  5. Make connections with the leasing division. Ensure that the one stop lease is utilized. Determine length of time for lease approval as well as encoding by the BIA Realty officer. Begin the lease process as soon as possible.
  6. Make connections with your BIA Realty Officer. Inform realty officer once a tribal member begins the home buying process.
  7. Determine who will handle environmental review process.
  8. Make connections with approved 184 lenders to let them know what services you have available to assist buyers (financial, HBE class, coaching, liaison, etc.).
  9. Guide your tribal member through the process and ensure they stay in contact with their lender.
  10. Market your homeownership program with brochures, workshops, and newspaper articles.

Download the "10 Steps for Bringing Homeownership to Your Community" Here.

How Can a Tribe Participate in the HUD 184 Loan Guarantee Program?

A Tribe interested in participating must have the following as part of their Tribal Laws:

  • Tribal Court Jurisdiction over Real Property
  • Defined Eligible Area (usually the Tribal formula area)
  • Foreclosure Procedures
  • Eviction Procedures
  • Leasing Procedures
  • Tribal Trust and/or Allotted Trust Land Leases
  • Provision showing HUD 184 Guaranteed Loan as first lien priority.
  • Provision granting HUD and/or private lenders access to tribal lands for the purpose of servicing guaranteed properties.
  • Acknowledgement that should eviction and foreclosure procedures not be enforced, the Office of Loan Guarantee will cease making new loan guarantees within the tribe's area of jurisdiction

A copy of the ordinances, procedures, proposed lease(s) and tribal resolutions enacting these above items should be emailed to: tribalrequests@hud.gov

Questions? Contact Section 184 Staff Directory, or call toll-free at 1-800-561-5913.  Email tribalrequests@hud.gov. Tribes and TDHEs can use the Checklist for Tribe and TDHE Borrowers Firm Commitment Submission