ONAP logo 2017 BIA Mortgage Training – Mortgaging Tribal Trust Lands
Presented by the Northwest Bureau of Indian Affairs Realty, Housing, and Land Title and Records Office in partnership with HUD’s Office of Loan Guarantee. Presentations include current loan processing updates for 2017 and an overview of the mortgage process on tribal trust and allotted lands. Section 184 underwriters and lenders provided an overview of the lenders processing requirements from origination to closing and final issuance of the loan guarantee certificate.

AGENDA DAY ONE - February 7, 2017

Video Presentation: Sovereign Lending: A Bright Chance of Survival

What’s New at LTRO & Realty in 2017?

BIA Realty & LTRO Organizational Structure
This session provides an overview of the BIA Structure: Realty, LTRO, Credit from the Regional level down to the Agency Level.

Documents & Forms Overview
This session provides an overview on how to read a Title Status Report, a leasehold mortgage, credit memorandum, and certificate of approval.

Section 184 Loan Overview
This session provides an introduction to the Section 184 Indian Home Loan product and address new changes to the loan processing guidelines.

How to Prepare Your Clients for Homeownership
This session will walk participants through the home loan qualification process, how to prepare clients for working with a lender, highlight the loan application process, and identify the type of infrastructure that is required for trust and allotted transactions.

AGENDA DAY TWO - February 8, 2017

Section 184 Loan Processing Requirements on Trust Land
This session will address the loan packaging requirements and provide tips for addressing leases, Title Status Reports, and highlight the Section 184 team roles and responsibilities.

Issuance of Section 184 Loan Guarantee Certificate
This session outlines the steps involved in executing a loan guarantee certificate.

The Routing Slip Checklist
Working with your Tribal clients and BIA Realty staff to complete a tribal trust loan package in a timely manner.

  • Darkfeather Ancheta, 1st Tribal Lending
  • Michele Hensel, Northwest LTRO, Manager Sample Checklist

Other Federal Loan Guarantee Products for Tribal Lands

  • Andrea Hively, USDA RD, Finance and Loan Analyst in the Special Programs and Initiatives Branch Presentation Slides
  • Bill Haines, VA Native American Direct Loan Coordinator Presentation Slides