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What is the Section 184A Native Hawaiian Housing Loan Guarantee Program?

The Hawaiian Homelands Homeownership Act of 2000 adds a new Section 184A to the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 which authorized the Native Hawaiian Housing Loan Guarantee Program. The regulations for Section 184A was published as an Interim Rule on June 13, 2002, and are found at 24 CFR part 1007. The program is designed to offer home ownership, property rehabilitation, and new construction opportunities for eligible Native Hawaiian individuals and families wanting to own a home on Hawaiian home lands.

The purpose of the Section 184A loan is to provide access to sources of private financing on Hawaiian home lands. Section 184A permits HUD to guarantee 100% of the unpaid principal and interest due on an eligible loan. The use of the Section 184A Loan Guarantee Program is limited to owner-occupant single family dwellings located on Hawaiian home lands.

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Vacancy Announcement - Native Hawaiian Program Specialist, GS-13 

Location:  Honolulu, HI

Open: March 14, 2023

Closes: March 27, 2023

As a Native Hawaiian Program Specialist, you will:

  • Implement policies, program standards, procedures and guidelines (e.g. for use by program recipients and lenders) in response to the unique problems and issues related to Hawaiian Home Lands and other Native Hawaiian programs.
  • Provide proactive services and technical assistance to Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant (NHHBG) recipients to prevent or mitigate problems related to administration and implementation of applicable programs.
  • Monitor performance indicators and implements long-term proactive performance trending to identify potential problems and effect solutions before they reach the problem state. Uses available resources to develop solutions to complex and data-specific problems. Tracks the effectiveness of implemented solutions through on-site visits, interviews with appropriate personnel, and remote monitoring.
  • Evaluate loan files for compliance with sound underwriting decisions, prudent loan origination/servicing practices and compliance with loan guarantee program requirements.

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ONAP Catalyst is a new cloud-based platform that will build trust and efficiency through reliable and accurate data, facilitating a modern system for participating Section 184/184A direct guarantee lenders and servicers. Access the ONAP Catalyst resource page.

Lender Forms

Native Advantage Access Native Advantage Claims Module User Access Form (MS-Excel)
COVID-19 184A LMA Note COVID-19 184A Loss Mitigation Advance Promissory Note
User Access Catalyst User Form (MS-Excel) (June 23, 2020)
Model Document Section 184A Servicing Report Model (June 2020)
HUD-50110-A Section 184A Warranty of Completion of Construction Form (09/2018)
HUD-50111-A Section 184A Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application (09/2018)
HUD-50112-A Section 184A Construction Loan Rider (09/2018)
HUD-50118-A Mortgagee's Assurance of Completion - Section 184A Loan (09/2018)
HUD-50119-A Section 184A Post Endorsement Submission Checklist (09/2018)
HUD-50124-A Section 184A Homebuyer Notice Form (09/2018)
HUD-50125-A Single Close 184A Applicant Acknowledgement (09/2018)
HUD-50127-A Section 184A Native Hawaiian Loan Guarantee Program Endorsement Submission Checklist-Acquisition and Single Close New Const/Rehab 09/2018)
HUD-50128-A Section 184A Endorsement Submission Checklist-Refinance (09/2018)
HUD-50131-A HUD ONAP: Section 184A Loan Guarantee Program Case Number Request Form (09/2019)
HUD-50132-A Section 184A Combined Mortgage Credit Analysis Worksheet (xlsx) (07/2018)
HUD-50143-A Section 184A Loan Firm Commitment (09/2018)
HUD-50149-A Rider For Section 184A Mortgage - Leasehold (09/2018)


Contact Us

For more information on the Section 184A Native Hawaiian Housing Loan Guarantee Program, please contact a Native Hawaiian Program Specialist, in the HUD Honolulu Field Office by clicking the following links:

Claudine Allen or by phone at (808) 457-4674

Diana Houston or by phone at (808) 457-4682

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
1003 Bishop Street, Suite 2100
Honolulu, HI 96813