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Grants Evaluation Division

Director - Amber Hunter

Role of the Grants Evaluation Division is to evaluate and monitor HUD funded programs, review performance reports, and, and provide technical assistance and training as needed.

Grants Management Division

Director - Lori Roget

The role of the Grants Management Division is to review Indian Housing Plans, rate grant applications and provide technical assistance and training on programs.

Tribe Grants Evaluation Grants Management
Apsaalooke (Crow) Ivonne Perez Cheryl Cozad
Blackfeet Randall Nelson Debra Richards
Cheyenne River Kevin Turnau Cheryl Cozad
Chippewa Cree Amber Hunter Debra Richards
Crow Creek Catherine Reed Terry Showalter
Eastern Shoshone Ivonne Perez Luisa Bonilla
Flandreau Ivonne Perez Terry Showalter
Fort Belknap Ivonne Perez Debra Richards
Fort Berthold Kevin Turnau Terry Showalter
Fort Peck Randall Nelson Luisa Bonilla
Goshute Ivonne Perez Terry Showalter
Little Shell Kevin Turnau Maria Danz
Lower Brule Randall Nelson Debra Richards
NW Band Shoshone Randall Nelson Cheryl Cozad
Northern Arapaho Randall Nelson Luisa Bonilla
Northern Cheyenne Ivonne Perez Terry Showalter
Northern Ponca Randall Nelson Debra Richards
Oglala Sioux Amber Hunter Maria Danz
Omaha Ivonne Perez Debra Richards
Rosebud Ivonne Perez Maria Danz
Salish-Kootenai Kevin Turnau Luisa Bonilla
Santee Sioux Catherine Reed Maria Danz
Sisseton Wahpeton Ivonne Perez Terry Showalter
Skull Valley Ivonne Perez Cheryl Cozad
Southern Ute Catherine Reed Terry Showalter
Spirit Lake Catherine Reed Maria Danz
Standing Rock Kevin Turnau Debra Richards
Trenton Catherine Reed Maria Danz
Turtle Mountain Catherine Reed Maria Danz
Utah Paiute Amber Hunter Luisa Bonilla
Ute Indian Randall Nelson Cheryl Cozad
Ute Mountain Ute Kevin Turnau Luisa Bonilla
Winnebago Catherine Reed Luisa Bonilla
Yankton Randall Nelson Terry Showalter


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