Centers for Disease Control Eviction Moratorium Resources

CDC Eviction Moratorium (No longer in effect)

  • Statement from Secretary Fudge on the Eviction Moratorium
  • Dear Tribal Leader Letter: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Issues an Order extending the Eviction Moratorium (No longer in effect)
  • CDC Eviction Moratorium Order: (No longer in effect)
  • HHS/CDC FAQs: (June 24, 2021) (No longer in effect)
  • HUD PIH FAQs (May 26, 2021) (No longer in effect)
  • Resident Declaration Form (form expires September 30, 2021) (No longer in effect)

Take Action Now to Avoid Eviction:

  • ONAP Tenant Flyer for CDC Order (No longer in effect)


Treasury/ONAP Emergency Rental Assistance Program for Tribes and TDHEs webinar (July 27, 2021)

CDC Eviction Moratorium and Eviction Prevention Resources webinar (June 17, 2021)

Behind on rent, late fees, or utilities or facing eviction?

  • Living in Tribal Areas:  Check if your Tribe receives Emergency Rental Assistance funds to provide rental, utility, and late fee assistance to families that are low-income, unemployed, elder, or disabled.

Please note, however, that some Tribes are providing Emergency Rental Assistance off reservation to enrolled Tribal members, so they should also check with their Tribe for assistance.  However, they should not receive duplicate assistance!

  • 211 - Dial 211 from any phone or visit and search by zip code. This is a hotline that can connect you to emergency assistance, such as rental and utility assistance, and other supportive services in your community.
  • Community Action Agency - – Contact your local Community Action Agency to find out what services they might offer, such as emergency payment assistance for rent or utilities.
  • Unemployment Insurance - Find out if you are eligible for unemployment benefits and how to apply in your state. New federal laws provide unemployment benefits for self-employed and gig workers, adds an additional $300 to weekly benefits and extends the number of weeks benefits are available.
  • Economic Impact Payments (Stimulus Payments)  Find out if you are eligible for the new Economic Impact Payments of up to $1,400 and how to claim your payment. If you did not already receive past rounds of stimulus payments (the first and second rounds were issued in 2020 and January 2021), this site also contains information on how you can check eligibility and claim those payments.
  • Free Tax Preparation and New Child Tax Credits Get free help filing your taxes, provided by trained volunteers, or e-file for free online. If you do not normally file a tax return and have children, you should consider filing this year so you can qualify for the new child tax credit.


Note:  Unless a longer eviction moratorium is in effect under state or local law, your Tribe, TDHE, or landlord can evict you if you have not paid your rent or entered into a repayment agreement.

Other protections may be available to you if your State, local, territorial, or Tribal authority has imposed a longer or more stringent suspension on evictions that provide the same or greater level of public-health protection than the requirements listed in the CDC Order.

Tenant Rights and Wrongful Evictions - If you feel you are being wrongfully evicted, contact your local legal aid organization or social service agencies.  Additional information on legal assistance available in your area is available at:

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