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Housing Information Portal (HIP) System Training

This page contains the training materials for the Housing Information Portal (HIP) system. This page is broken out into training for external users (e.g., PHAs and TDHEs) and internal users (e.g., HUD staff). You can navigate to the documents for the type of user you are by clicking on the applicable link below.

There are currently two modules in production - the MTW Supplement module and the Tribal HUD VASH module. As other modules are are released into production and start to be used, other training materials will be added to this page.

Details about getting access to HIP, including who is eligible, can be found in the "getting started" job aids below for the modules that are in production. There are separate job aids for external and internal users, with the exception of internal user Tribal HUD VASH access information for which contact information is provided. A note for internal staff, access to HIP is not automatically provided to all HUD staff.

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Training Materials for External Users


MTW Supplement


Training Materials for Internal Users


MTW Supplement

  • Getting Started with the MTW Supplement Module - this document will provide the details of what a HUD staff person needs to know to request access to the HIP MTW Supplement module, how to request user account reactivation, and how to request account deactivation. It should also be used by new users when they login for the first time.
  • Navigating to the MTW Supplement Module - this document will show you how to navigate to the MTW Supplement module if it does not appear when you login for the first time or if you have navigated away from it.
  • How to Use the MTW Supplement Module - this document will provide information on how to perform the various tasks in the system, including step by step instructions and tips.
  • MTW Supplement Module HUD User Known Issues - this document will be updated as there are new issues or issues are resolved. This page will not reflect if the document has been updated, but if you open the document you will see the date it was last updated.

​Tribal HUD VASH

  • Please contact the ONAP HQ Tribal HUD VASH team for the location of the HIP Tribal HUD VASH module documentation for internal users.


Last updated April 1, 2024