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Housing Information Portal (HIP) Technical Information

HUD will use this site to provide technical updates for PHA personnel and vendors responsible for interfacing with the future modernized IMS/PIC system.

Request for 50058 Software Vendor Contact Information

HUD is working on refining its list of 50058 software vendor contact information. Send us a message with the subject line "50058 software vendor mailing list update" to let us know the name of your company and the email address(es) that you would like to be included on our mailing list for future HIP (and possibly PIH system) vendor calls and other 50058 software communications related to HIP. If you are a PHA that builds your own 50058 software, please let us know that. If you wish to be updated about HIP in general, you do not need to send us an email at this time.

IT Vendor Call Materials

Third Party Vendor Testing Information for HIP

System Access

  • Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement and Interconnection Security Agreement (MOU/ISA) - software vendors wanting to participate in testing will need to contact us at HUDITVendorComms@HUD.gov and we will work them on what we need from them and to get the necessary information needed about the staff that will need access to the test environment.
  • The User Access Request spreadsheet should only be used to add or remove users for those software vendors already testing. Whenever submitting this file, please provide a list of dates within a week of your email that the users will be available. The link in the email the user will receive to set up their password is only valid for 24 hours.
  • Accessing the HIP community portal and password resets
  • Navigating the System

Technical Information

  • The HIP team will provide the technical information for how to connect to the test environment to a software vendor when their access is approved.
  • HUD-50058 and HUD-50058 MTW Expansion special program codes for line 2n
  • (NEW) JSON Mapping (as of 12/13/23) - this file contains three tabs. One is for the mapping of the 2020 version of the 50058 forms. The other two are for the 2024 version of the 50058 forms. There are notes at the top of each tab that describe the contents of the tab.
  • (NEW) List of error codes being used in HIP to validate 50058 submissions (as of 12/13/23). This file contains two tabs - one for the error codes that validate the 2020 version of the 50058 forms and the other for the error codes that validate the 2024 version of the forms. Please read the introduction tab as this provides information about the tabs, including that the 2024 version of the forms are still under development.

Technical Reference Guide (TRG)

Information for Testing

The sample JSON files are provided to give an example of how a basic JSON file would be formatted. Due to personally identifiable information (PII), if these files are going to be used for testing, you will need to provide a dummy SSN and it is suggested that you also change other details for the household members. In the near future, we will include a sample of a bulk submission file, but for now these files are only for the submission of one household.


Questions or Comments?

Please send an email with your questions/comments and contact information to HUDITVendorComms@hud.gov.


Last updated December 13, 2023