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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is currently developing an upgrade to the Inventory Management System/PIH Information Center (IMS/PIC). The upgrade is needed because the current IMS/PIC system is is over 20 years old, unstable, and is need of myriad costly repairs and improvements.

The HIP system is being designed to reduce administrative burden on housing authorities in the collection of HUD-50058 tenant data, public housing building and unit inventory data, and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) information. It also allows MTW Expansion PHAs to submit the MTW Supplement to the Annual PHA Plan and TDHEs to submit household information for the Tribal HUD VASH program.

The system will be cloud based which should result in fewer system outages. The HA users will transmit HUD-50058 data through their vendor software interface, allowing them to work more in their own system instead of having to go into a system to submit 50058 data and view validation results. A replacement to the HUD Family Reporting Software (HUD FRS) is also being developed and will be a fillable form within the system. PHAs will continue to use a front end to maintain their building and unit data.

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Last updated September 13, 2023