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Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) Data Dashboard

The EHV dashboard offers unprecedented transparency and accountability for this new special purpose voucher program.  The dashboard provides daily updates on leasing, issuances, and unit utilization, and information on voucher awards and funding by PHA.  The dashboard showcases EHV data at the national, network, region, field office, state, and PHA-level for ease of use by a variety of audiences.  The data are sourced from the IMS/PIC and HUDCAPS systems and are refreshed daily.   The public-facing dashboard is embedded below and accessible via this link.

The EHV Data Dashboard


IMS/PIC Reporting Discrepancies

HUD created an EHV Exception Report to help EHV PHAs identify IMS/PIC reporting discrepancies. If you are a PHA, please use this report to identify and resolve potential discrepancies in your PHA’s reporting in IMS/PIC. Email EHVResearch@hud.gov if you have any questions regarding this report.

Important Notices for PHAs

Guidance on reporting EHV issuances when submitting the HUD-50058/HUD-50058 MTW in IMS/PIC:

  • PHAs should report in line 2n when submitting the HUD-50058 by entering “EHV”.
  • MTW PHAs that have received HUD approval to apply MTW flexibilities to EHV vouchers may report household participant data on the HUD-50058 MTW and must enter “EHV” on line 2p and leave line 2n blank.
PHAs can request a per unit cost (PUC) increase for their EHVs.
  • The initial funding increment for the EHV allocation is based on the PHA's PUC for the PHA's HCV program, adjusted for inflation and taking into consideration that the initial term is longer than 12 months.
  • HUD will adjust the initial funding amount based on the actual costs incurred upon request by the PHA to ensure the PHA has sufficient funding during the initial funding term to lease all of its EHVs and pay its EHV HAP costs through December 31, 2022.
  • If the PHA believes that an adjustment is needed, it should contact its financial analyst in HUD's Office of Housing Voucher Programs Financial Management Center (FMC).

EHV Data Dashboard User Guide and Data Dictionary

The EHV Data Dashboard User Guide and Data Dictionary provides an explanation of the terms, tables, and charts available in the EHV Data Dashboard. Additionally, it explains how to access and utilize the dashboard. HUD strongly recommends reviewing this guide prior to contacting HUD with dashboard questions.

Introduction to the EHV Data Dashboard – A Video Tutorial

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for accessing the various components of the EHV Data Dashboard. This tutorial does not explain the EHV Program or its limitations. If you are unfamiliar with the EHV Program and need basic background information – please visit the EHV website.

If you have questions regarding the EHV dashboard, please email  EHV@hud.gov.

List of EHV Awardees

Access this Excel file for a list of EHV Awardees as of April 18, 2022.