Our Impact

Since 2015, thousands of  HUD-assisted households in ConnectHomeUSA communities have gained internet access through ConnectHomeUSA efforts. Taking note of the initiative’s success, in 2021 Congress encouraged HUD to expand the initiative to more communities and to continue to partner with foundations, nonprofit organizations, and other relevant stakeholders. 

CHUSA stakeholders are nonprofit or other private-sector organizations that support CHUSA communities through special offers. Stakeholders are critical to the success of ConnectHomeUSA communities.  To find a complete list of CHUSA stakeholders or to join as a stakeholder, please visit the Education Super Highway CHUSA webpage and scroll to the bottom of the webpage.




More than 30,000 devices were deployed to families in need


Wifi and person

More than 72,500 in-home internet connections were made



Hundreds of digital literacy trainings were held, ranging from basic computer readiness to coding/maker instruction

ConnectHomeUSA Case Studies

ConnectHomeUSA communities across the country do remarkable work connecting their residents to free or affordable internet service, devices, and the training to use them. These ConnectHomeUSA case studies highlight a variety of innovative connectivity solutions and funding strategies implemented by Akron, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Durham, and Jersey City to connect their residents to affordable in-home internet service.

These case studies provide Public Housing Agencies and tribes interested in solving connectivity challenges with concrete examples of what is possible by outlining the specific problem being solved, the steps undertaken to address the problem, and the final outcome.



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Eugene Bey is a grandfather figure in his community and was well-known for ensuring the kids got fed and safely onto the school bus each morning. By completing a 4-week digital literacy program to learn basic computer skills, he set an example for other residents, showing them the benefits of getting connected.


Roberts Family

The Roberts Family was presented with the ‘Family of the Year’ award. Both the parents and middle school aged kids participated in digital literacy workshop at Harper Archer Middle School and received a free refurbished device after completing that course. Since then, the Roberts family has continued attending workshops.

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Jimmy and 12 fellow McDougal Terrace residents participated in a month-long digital literacy and job readiness training, sponsored by Google Fiber. Upon graduation, Jimmy and his neighbors each received refurbished computers. Jimmy leveraged his new skills by applying for a job online (for the first time) -- and was hired. Jimmy is now employed!

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Kimberley– Nashville
Kimberley is a 33-year -old mom who came to a community sign up event with her two teenage kids, Kevin and Kiera. They’re excited about their new Internet connection because “Before, she [Kiera] used to worry how I was gonna get her to the library... so it’s good that now she can come straight home to do her school work.” Kimberley plans to apply for a job at the Nashville Fire Department online, and also said, “This is good for the community and a blessing.  A lot of people here can’t afford Internet.”

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Sheridin– Kansas City
Sheridin Jones has been a great ambassador for ConnectHome by spreading the word about the free home Internet connection in her community. Sheridin has deepened relationships and trust by assuring residents that their connection is truly “free.” Sheridin was passionate about the Internet before Google Fiber arrived, and continues to grow her skills by attending digital literacy classes offered at her property. She is building her own website to sell hand-crafted accessories, such as scarves & hats.

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