Streamlined Voluntary Conversion (SVC)

On March 19, 2019, HUD published PIH Notice 2019-05. This notice authorizes small PHAs with 250 or fewer public housing units to convert to tenant-based housing choice voucher (HCV) assistance through streamlined authority.  Specifically, PHAs are not required to complete the conversion assessment described in Section 22 of the 1937 Act and 24 CFR part 972, Subpart B.   Notably, PHAs are not required to complete the cost-test or to evidence that the conversion is cost-effective.  Streamlined Voluntary Conversion authority gives small PHAs greater flexibility to respond to local needs, allows them to pursue private financing, and provides greater housing choice and mobility to assisted households.

Streamlined Voluntary Conversions must principally benefit the residents of the units, the PHA, and the community; and must not adversely affect the availability of affordable housing in the community.


PHAs may realize proceeds when they sell, transfer, ground lease or otherwise dispose of public housing property under a SVC Plan.  PHAs retain flexibility to determine the use of proceeds, provided the use is consistent with Section 18 of the 1937 Act which requires that proceeds be used for the provision of low-income housing or to benefit the residents of the public housing agency; or leveraging amounts for securing commercial enterprises, onsite in public housing projects of the PHA appropriate to serve the needs of the residents.  A PHA’s use of proceeds is subject to HUD (SAC) approval as part of the SVC Plan.