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Inventory Removal Application Form (HUD-52860) (4/2018)

Applications for public housing inventory removal actions processed by HUD’s Special Applications Center (SAC) (“SAC applications”) must comply with the submission requirements of form HUD-52860 and any required HUD-52860 addendums based on the specific type of removal action.

PHAs must comply with these submission requirements as follows:

  1. PHAs must submit SAC applications electronically via the IMS/PIC Inventory Removals submodule of IMS/PIC. IMS/PIC will assign each SAC application a “DDA” number.
  2. PHAs must complete all applicable fields in the electronic IMS/PIC application.
  3. PHAs must upload the attachments/supporting documentation required by the HUD-52860 forms.  PHAs must label that supporting documentation by section number of the HUD-52860 forms and/or by name (e.g. Resident Consultation).
  4. PHAs must complete the sections of the HUD-52860 where there are no fields in the IMS/PIC SAC application for the requested information.
  5. PHAs must sign and upload the HUD-52860 Inventory Removals Application along with any applicable HUD-52860 Addendum (see chart below).
  6. PHAs must refer to the applicable regulations, PIH notices and other program guidance for detailed requirements on the submissions required for the specific removal action proposed in the SAC application.
  7. Note that although PHAs are required to submit certain information about their RAD applications in the Inventory Removals module of IMS/PIC (which will result in a “DDA” number, the HUD-52860 form does not apply removals (conversions) under HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program.
Proposed Removal Action
HUD Form
When Required?
Inventory Removals Application
(.pdf) (.doc)
All SAC applications
Section 18 Disposition and/or Demolition Addendum
(.pdf) (.doc)
SAC applications for Disposition and Demolition*
Section 18 Total Development Cost (TDC) and Rehab Cost Estimate Addendum
(.pdf) (.xls)
SAC applications for Demolition and Disposition based on physical obsolescence*
Section 32 Homeownership Addendum
(.pdf) (.doc)
SAC applications for Homeownership
Section 33 Required Conversion Addendum
(.pdf) (.doc)
SAC applications for Required Conversion
Section 22 Voluntary Conversion Addendum
(.pdf) (.doc)
SAC applications for Voluntary Conversion
Eminent Domain Addendum
(.pdf) (.doc)
SAC applications for Eminent Domain**
Part 200 Retention Addendum
(.pdf) (.doc)
SAC applications for Retentions under 2 CFR 200.311
Notification of Future Development
Required to be uploaded to SAC applications that remove all of a PHA’s remaining public housing units

*This addendum is required only for SAC applications submitted under 24 CFR 970. It does not required for Section 18 de minimis demolitions.

**This addendum is required when a PHA wishes to enter into a settlement agreement in lieu of a court proceeding with a Taking Body after the Taking Body has taken the first step to condemn public housing).