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Inventory Removal Application Form (HUD-52860) (8/2008)

All applications must comply with the submission requirements of the HUD-52860 form.  PHAs must apply for all removal actions electronically via the IMS/PIC Inventory Removals submodule.  Note that the following apply to the new HUD-52860 submissions:

  1. PHAs must sign and attach (as a scanned electronic file to their PIC application) the PHA Certification of Compliance from the new form for the specific removal action for which they are applying;
  2. PHAs applying for a removal action that requires any of the addendums identified below must complete the paper version of the addendum, scan it, and submit it as an attachment to their PIC application;
  3. PHAs should consult the instructions in the new form for guidance on the SAC?s current submission requirements.

The new HUD-52860 form and its addendums include the following:

Note: All files in the table below are in MS-Word format unless specified otherwise.

Inventory Removal Application (HUD-52860)


Demolition/Disposition  Application (Adobe PDF) (10/31/17)


Total Development Cost (TDC) Addendum (10/31/17)
Total Development Cost (TDC) Addendum (MS-Excel) (10/31/17)


Homeownership Addendum (.pdf) (.doc) (10/31/17)


Required Conversion Addendum (.pdf) (.doc) (10/31/17)


Voluntary Conversion Addendum (.pdf) (.doc) (10/31/17)


Eminent Domain Addendum (.pdf) (.doc) (10/31/17)