Business Rules for Occupied and Vacant Units

Business Rules for Occupied and Vacant Units

The following conditions must be met for a unit to be considered either vacant or occupied:

  • ACC unit:
    hhqnwd018.picdb.dbo.P113PT_PH_unit.acc_unit_ind = 'Y'
  • Under management:
    hhhqnwd018.picdb.dbo.p113pt_physical_development.pd_status_type_code = 'M'
  • Initially approved unit:
    hhhqnwd018.picdb.dbo.P113PT_PH_unit.initial_approved_ind = 'Y'
  • Status is not "Removed from Inventory" or "Proposed Removed from Inventory":
    hhhqnwd018.picdb.dbo.P113PT_PH_unit.unit_status_type_code not in ('RMI', 'RMIPRP')
  • A general occupancy unit type or official designation disabled or official designation elderly or official designation mixed or mixed not officially designated:
    hhhqnwd018.picdb.dbo.P113PT_PH_unit.unit_type_code in ('FA', 'ODD', 'ODE', 'ODM', 'MED')

To be considered occupied:

  • Reported on a form 50058:
    hhhqnwd018.picdb.dbo.P113PT_PH_unit.unit_tenant_status_code = 'OCCAT'

To be considered vacant:

  • 'Vacant' in PIC (EOP on a form 50058) (Also prior to Sept. 2009 'Not Reported'):
    hhhqnwd018.picdb.dbo.P113PT_PH_unit.unit_tenant_status_code = 'VACOOC', 'VACHUD', (pre-Sept. 2009 'NR')