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Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP) News Stories

New Haven, Connecticut

Elm City Communities (ECC), the Housing Authority of the City of New Haven, has been working diligently to enroll residents in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and narrow the digital divide.  

Elm City Communities convened non-profits and local government to work in coordination to enroll residents in the ACP. They promoted the ACP benefit to residents through direct outreach at tenant council meetings, one-on-one conversations with residents, and through digital communication.

In partnership with the non-profit CFAL (Concepts for Adaptive Learning), the City of New Haven, and the New Haven Free Public Library, ECC held a series of community enrollment events. ECC targeted the most vulnerable residents by prioritizing senior housing residents. To reduce barriers and incentivize resident participation, ECC did not require any sign-ups for the events, held the events at resident community rooms, and provided refreshments to attendees. ECC enrolled 26 residents in ACP in their first two enrollment events. With more events planned through Spring 2024, they are excited about continuing to enroll residents and closing the digital divide in their communities!


Pahokee, Florida

Pahokee Housing Authority (PHA) has been working on addressing all three elements of the digital inclusion stool: devices, connectivity, and digital skills. Pahokee Housing Authority has connected residents with free phones or tablets, enrolled them in the Affordable Connectivity Program, and offered residents digital skills training on a range of important topics including online security and managing devices.

Pahokee Housing Authority held an ACP enrollment event at their local community center on November 9, 2023, where 16 residents attended to learn about the ACP and received a free phone or tablet. Pahokee Housing Authority is working with their local Internet Service Provider to continue addressing the digital divide and host more ACP enrollment across their developments in the upcoming months.


Santa Barbara, California

The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara (HASBARCO) partnered with EconAlliance and the Santa Barbara County Foodbank to host an ACP outreach event and food distribution on November 22, 2023, at the Santa Rita Village multifamily site. The ACP outreach event was attended by over 120 households. Participants received local fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, non-perishable food, and information about the ACP program. With the support of HASBARCO and EconAlliance, 39 families completed an ACP application.

HASBARCO will work with their partners, EconAlliance and Santa Barbara County’s Partners in Education to launch a Digital Equity Campaign at their multifamily and elderly/disabled properties in 2024 aimed at narrowing the digital divide for HUD-assisted residents. Their campaign will include Digital Literacy Day events, enrolling residents in discounted internet programs, connecting residents to educational resources, and providing them with a free refurbished computer device. HASBARCO is excited to expand and continue their programing to close the digital divide for the families they serve!


Anaheim, California

At Calabria and Victorina apartments, both multi-family properties in Anaheim, CA- multi-family staff has been working to organize and engage residents around digital equity and inclusion. At both apartments multi-family staff directly engaged residents through door knocking and individual conversations, through this they enrolled 10 residents in the ACP. The staff also shared flyers about the ACP in English and Spanish with local service providers.

To learn more about digital equity and how to navigate ACP in your communities please visit the Equity Action Plan | Federal Communications Commission (fcc.gov) and review the resources provided by HUD’s non-profit partner  EducationSuperHighway

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