Preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment

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TITLE: Single Family Premium Collection Subsystem-Upfront (A80R)

September, 2003

UPI # 025-00-01-01-01-1080-00-206-085

PCAS # 251220

Is this a new or substantially revised electronic information system? If revised, describe revisions.

No, this is not a new system or a substantially revised system. It has been in existence since 1993.

If any question does not apply, state not applicable (N/A) for each question and explain why.

I. Describe the information to be collected (e.g., nature and source). Be sure to include any information in an identifiable form, e.g., name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc).

The Single Family Collection Subsystem-Upfront (SFPC-U) collects and records the receipt of the mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) associated with the FHA assigned case numbers.

II. Why is the information being collected (e.g., to determine eligibility)?

The SFPC-U manages and process an annual total of $1.7 billion collections for the mortgage insurance premiums on FHA closed loans for insuring purposes. It also improves the data integrity for the Single Family Insurance Program.

III. How will the information be used (e.g., to verify existing data)?

The Single Family Premium Collection Subsystem-Upfront (SFPCS-U) validates up-front premium data with the Computerized Home Underwriting Management System (CHUMS) before insurance endorsement.

IV. Will you share the information with others (e.g., another agency for a programmatic purpose)? If yes, list the entities.

No, the collection information is not shared with other federal agencies. However, the collection information is shared with the mortgage lenders via HUD's Internet site, FHA Connection. The FHA Connection allows HUD's business partners to review case data. Also, they are allowed to make some non-monetary corrections and to print collection history. In addition, there are various other HUD systems that interact with SFPCS-U.

V. Describe what opportunities individuals have been given to decline to provide information or to consent to particular use of the information (e.g., whether individual may withhold permission for a particular use).

All required information is needed according to HUD's laws in order to get the FHA case number insured.

VI. How will the information be secured (e.g., administrative and technological controls)?

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) actually owns, operates, and maintains all of HUD's IT systems. There is one consolidated IT program under the OCIO. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) operates all aspects of the infrastructure, including the network and mainframe hosts where systems operate. The OCIO manages and oversees the computers security program.

VII. How will the data be retrieved (e.g., will it be retrieved by a personal identifier such as name, social security number, address, telephone number or some other identifier that is unique to an individual)?

All systems access require password and user IDs.