Preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment

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TITLE: Single Family Acquired Asset Management System (SAMS)

UPI # 025-00-01-02-01-1030-00-307-118

PCAS # 00251360

Is this a new or substantially revised electronic information system? If revised, describe revisions.


If any question does not apply, state not applicable (N/A) for each question and explain why.

I. Describe the information to be collected (e.g., nature and source). Be sure to include any information in an identifiable form, e.g., name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc).

Our Management and Marketing contractors input purchaser information into this system. This includes SSN or FIN, name, and address information.

For vendors, the Management and Marketing contractors input the vendor's SSN or FIN, name, and address. The phone number can also be captured, but we do not know the extent of this data collection.

II. Why is the information being collected (e.g., to determine eligibility)?

We collect purchaser information to track purchase information. We have a rule that prohibits owner-occupant buyer from purchasing a HUD-owned property as an owner-occupant in 24 months. The data collection allows this to be verified.

III. How will the information be used (e.g., to verify existing data)?

See II above.

IV. Will you share the information with others (e.g., another agency for a programmatic purpose)? If yes, list the entities.

If requested the information can be provided. There are no current plans to share this information with others.

V. Describe what opportunities individuals have been given to decline to provide information or to consent to particular use of the information (e.g., whether individual may withhold permission for a particular use).

The information is mandatory to participate in the Single Family Property Disposition Sales Program. Should an individual decline to provide the information, they will not be allowed to participate in the program.

VI. How will the information be secured (e.g., administrative and technological controls)?

Only SAMS users can access this information.

VII. How will the data be retrieved (e.g., will it be retrieved by a personal identifier such as name, social security number, address, telephone number or some other identifier that is unique to an individual)?

Queries can be run on our purchaser and vendor files based on names, addresses, SSNs, and FINs.